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Buy Textbook Agreement

Please note: Your final charges could be higher than the total shown in your basket. If you request used books in your online order, we will try to honor your request but will substitute new if no used are available. Your credit card will not be charged until the order is actually shipped. Textbooks not available at time of shipment are automatically CANCELLED. These books will need to be RE-ORDERED.


Shipping: All textbooks are shipped UPS ground. When shipping your order you will be charged $13.50 for the first item and an additional $1.00 for each item after that. Please allow 5 to 7 working days before checking on your web order.

Extra shipping may apply if more than one box is shipped. This will not show up on your Web Order.

*We ship UPS* A street address is required for all orders.

If taking an internet class, you may wish to NOT use the Rental feature. Your finals MAY NOT be the same day as the rental due date. 


For faster service please have your web order number available when inquiring about your order!

All textbook and pricing information is subject to change.

If your course number, section or professor is NOT listed, books may not yet have been ordered for that class.

To ensure correct books are receieved department, course number, and section number must be exactly the same as your schedule.

When sending textbooks back, Please use UPS to insure that they will be delivered by the last day of buyback and rental due date.

We are unable to extend rentals, as the rentals are from a third party and need to be returned to them by a specific date.

Financial Aid Students:

Financial Aid for Fall 2019 starts August 12.

Financial Aid Office (307-382-1677) will need to set up a Bookstore Account for Eligible Students, before orders can be processed. This is your responsibility to make sure this is taken care of.

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