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Campus will be on Summer hours May 13-August 12

Store will be closed on Fridays

Buyback Info


At the end of each semester, we buy books needed by the bookstore for the upcoming term. The sooner that you sell your books at the end of each semester, the better your chance of receiving better pricing. Once we meet our need we give you wholesale pricing.

Textbook Buyback Dates (NO EXCEPTIONS):

  • Summer/Fall 2024 on campus is December 12, 13 & 16.


  • When sending textbooks back, please use UPS to insure that they will be delivered by the last day of buyback and rental due date.
  • All packages must be received by the bookstore by the last day of buyback prior to 5 PM. Include self-addressed stamped envelope.

Buyback Categories

Each book brought to us during buyback will fall into one of three categories. The amount of money you receive from your book will depend on what category it falls under.

These books will be used for the upcoming term. They are books faculty have requested which we need copies of to sell. For most titles you will receive 50% of used. Unless the book is changing editions or if we have to wrap it with an access code.

Books that fall into this category are books that have NOT been requested by the faculty for the upcoming term, or are books we are overstocked on. These books are NOT purchased by the WWCC Bookstore. The wholesale company will pay the wholesale market value for these books. Wholesale market value ranges from 0-33% of the retail price, depending on national demand for the book.

Books that fall into this category are books that have NOT been requested by the faculty for the upcoming term, or are books we are overstocked on. Unfortunately, these books also do not have a wholesale market value. Books that fall into this category tend to be older titles that have gone out of print, have been replaced by a newer edition, or are not commonly used on campuses across the nation (local titles). Neither the bookstore nor the wholesale company need these titles, and therefore cannot pay any money for them.

Other Important Buyback Information

Acquiring your own library of textbooks can provide significant benefits as you continue your education. Textbooks often have value after the class is over, especially those in your major or other areas of interest.

We recognize, however, that you will not want to keep every book. In order to get the best price when you sell your books you should:

  • Encourage instructors to get their orders for the next semester in early.
  • Ask your instructors to let the WWCC Bookstore know before finals begin if a text will be reused. If we have a request early enough for the titles to be included in buyback, you'll get a better price for your book.
  • Sell early - You'll usually get the best price if you sell unwanted texts to the WWCC Bookstore as soon as finals week begins. And remember: even if you originally bought the book "used" you can still sell it back - we pay you the same amount whether you originally purchased it new or used.